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Jan 25, 2011: SmallBlue Internet Edition (alpha)

Big blue helps making a small world
Unlock the business intelligence of your social network
SmallBlue is an information anlaytics suite that automatically visualizes social networks, helps you manage and expand your social capital, enables you to find people with specific knowledge, and provides shortest social paths to reach a person.

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See and Manage your personal network
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Find expertise in your extended network
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Discover who and what you have in common
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See the social network on a subject area

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Use Case - How SmallBlue is used now?

SmallBlue in the news:
January, 2010:
Social Currency (MPI One+ Magazine, pp. 88-91)
April 8, 2009:
Putting a Price on Social Connections (BusinessWeek -- Top Story of the Week); also appear on The BusinessWeek Cover Story -- What's A Friend Worth?, May 21, 2009.
June 10, 2008: IBM Delivers the Next Wave of Business Social Networking: IBM Lotus Connections & IBM Atlas (IBM Press room)
May 22, 2008: Big Blue Embraces Social Media (BusinessWeek)
March 6, 2008: IBM Drives Enterprise Adoption of Social Networks with new Enterprise Adaptability Practice -- Shades of Web 3.0 The Googlization of Knowledge Management (The Global Human Capital Journal)
March 4, 2008: IBM Announces Services for Collaboration (IBM Press room)
January 17, 2008: International Isn't Just IBM's First Name (BusinessWeek)
December 28, 2007: Mapping Professional Networks -- IBM's Atlas tool aims to help business visualize connections between colleagues (MIT Technology Review)
December 18, 2007: IBM Launches Tools to Help Business Visualize Social Networks (IBM Press room)
About This Site

This is the future site of the SmallBlue World version, which is under construction.

SmallBlue is a privacy-preserving data mining tool which unlocks the power of social network. An IBM Intranet production version has been indexing social network of 300,000+ IBMers in more than 100 countires.

A commercial version of SmallBlue, called IBM Atlas (for Lotus Connections), has been deployed in several companies. If you are interested in Atlas, please contact IBM Lotus Software Services.

What's New

Web 2.0 Expo, New York, 2009, Keynote speech "What's a Friend Worth? - Knowing Your Social Capital" [Video] [Slides] (11/19/2009)

A novel scieintific research combining social, human and financial capital analysis shows the real dollar values of social network. See this 'value of social network' project webpage and also the slides